Marvelous:Momono Mio has its sights set on the champion!Kadokura Rin and Watanabe Tomoko also show their enthusiasm! December 4 WWWA Single One-Day Tournament


Momono Mio has its sights set on the champion.

On December 4, the tournament will be held for the AAAW single champion. Each wrestler talks about her enthusiasm, but Mio in particular spouts on Twitter.

One of her goals was to wrestle in the main part of the big match, and at the same time she declared that she would achieve it on this day by becoming a champion. What's more, his previous championship belts were all about wanting to wind up with this guy, wanting to beat him. But with a desire for this championship belt, she told her she would fight. In other words, she has a strong will to fight for herself, not for someone else.

But Mio is not alone in his strong will. Kadokura Rin is equally determined. She has never been blessed with a single champion. This opportunity is the first and last and it's inspiring me.

Against Rin, Unagi Sayaka has the last chance? Are you retiring or something? he chided. But on the other hand, I think back to when I faced Rin at the 60 year anniversary of Kourakuen Hall. I know Rin when he gets serious, so I'm eager to see it.

It's not just young players who are scared. Watanabe Tomoko is about to open a forbidden box. She's a legend. She has experience. She once held the WWWA Tag Team Champion and All Pacific Single Champion. This time, she recalls the original techniques she developed in her history of seizing and defending those belts. What she points out is the rule this time. We need to make the most of a one-day tournament that can be concluded in 10 minutes. I haven't seen any wrestlers mention this rule yet. She may be more calm, calculating, and cunning than I imagined.