ICERIBBON:Is it the sun that Asahi shines on? Is it dark?Actwres girl 'Z's Irie Ayano reacts to Asahi's voice for the first time in a week! Will it lead to future games?


Is it the sun that Asahi shines on? Is it dark?

On November 10, Asahi broke into Actwres girl 'Z's show and made an appointment with Aono Miku. She wrestled in a tag match at the ICERIBBON show on November 27, and both of them found it hard to convince.

The match ended in a draw, but Asahi says he lost the match. She thought it would be a hotter, more meshed wrestling, but it didn't turn out that way.

Her opponent, Irie Ayano, reacted to the remark after a week.

"Unconvinced, I climbed into the ring and climbed down. I wanted to fight more with the feelings of the group and the fans on my back, not my personal feelings. I wanted to hit each other harder."

Asahi said she wished she had bumped into her after the match, and Ayano also said what happened in the ring, resolve in the ring.

Actwres girl 'Z has changed her regime and insists that they are not professional wrestling. On the other hand, there is a strong argument within ICERIBBON that what they are doing is professional wrestling. The dissatisfaction Ayano felt was manifested in these differences in their arguments. Fans have also pointed out if the fight has merit. They're expected to play a game that exceeds that response.

Asahi has also declared war on ICERIBBON champion Anou Saori.