Actwres girl'Z:Matsui Misa is trying to confirm her feelings with Mari!They will clash in a tag match tonight!

Matsui Misa is trying to confirm her feelings with Mari.

Mari parallels her work as a ninja with her work in Actwres Girl'Z. For this reason, they have an unparalleled sense of style and have refrained from making any public claims, even as they actively move backstage to support their activities.

Misa feels uncomfortable with the way she looks. After defeating Aono Miku and Sumikawa Natsumi in the November 23 show, Misa pressed for a match against Mari on December 16. She pleads in the ring to check Mari's feelings.

Mari teams up with Naru and Misa teams up with Yamada Naho. Responding to the nomination, Mari said on Twitter, "They say it's a good run, but it doesn't impress me at all."