Marvelous:Will the clock move faster? Or will he go back?The winner of AAAW 1 DAY TOURNAMENT was Nagashima Chikayo!!Maria wins a shocking victory from her master!!


Will the clock move faster? Or will he go back?

The winner of AAAW 1 DAY TOURNAMENT was Nagashima Chikayo. The champion is back with a veteran who is the only member of the squad who has ever held the belt.

In the final game, Momono Mio came through the tournament. It turned out to be an exciting development where suplex and rounding crossed each other.

Unagi Sayaka honestly praised Chikayo and said, "She is an old woman to be admired.". (Really honest?)

Many fans imagined Kadokura Rin winning. Because she declared in very strong terms that she would not participate in any future title matches if she did not win. Will she carry out those words after losing?

The surprise of the tournament was Sayaka's draw with Watanabe Tomoko. The tournament had a rule that both sides would be disqualified if time expired. They only have 600 seconds. Tomoko made this point in her blog, but the rule ended up making her cry.

In the 1st match, something shocking happened. It's a tag match between Nagayo Chigusa, Kawabata Riko vs Hotta Yumiko and Maria. Chigusa is Maria's master and Yumiko is Riko's master. The bouts switched sides, but Maria declared she wanted to face him as a wrestler. Chigusa already doesn't wrestle often, so this is an extremely rare situation, and just wrestling can be an important experience. In such a match, Maria won the armbar from her master. This is an unlikely event in recent years. What's more, Chigusa and Yumiko bowed to get another chance. Next time, it might be wrestling with different tag partners.

The fact that Chikayo will be crowned champion is a result that was not very predictable. She is a freelancer and not a member of Marvelous. The belt had leaked out.