WAVE:Miyazaki Yuki will make a sortie in traditional hardcore style!The tag tournament will be played in costumes of Amikura Rina and the Brief Sisters!

Miyazaki Yuki will make a sortie in traditional hardcore style.

On WAVE, the dual shock wave starts on December 10. It's a tag tournament, and the winner will play against SAKI and Shimizu Hikari on January 1.

Yuki's turn is December 22. It's a tag team with Amikura Rina. Yuki has declared that she will perform in a Brief Sisters costume. He revealed that when he put on the costume, he was excited and elated.

The game is not a hardcore rule, but it risks becoming a very hot stretch.

Brief Sisters is influenced by a unit called Brief Brothers that occurred at FMW in 1997. The members, including Kanemura Kintaro, were a dangerous group, playing vulgar, underhanded and hardcore matches, while performing their distinctive Bribra dance in their underwear.