ICERIBBON:On December 4, ICERIBBON will have a mixture of different ideas!A one-on-one battle between Mashiro and Anou!!


On December 4, ICERIBBON will have a mixture of different ideas!

There is an opinion among Japanese fans that ICERIBBON is not energetic. Are they really? Things have been piling up, with departures continuing and representative Fujimoto Tsukasa taking a break. But there's still a lot of wrestling here that we should be focusing on.

Main match Mashiro Yuuki vs Anou Saori reveals that Yuuki, nearing retirement, wanted to play a single match for the last time. Saori is currently the ICE x infinity champion, and more fights are in store by defeating Yuuki. However, Saori is wary of Yuuki for doing something unexpected.

The semi-match made for an interesting combination. Honma Tae and Ozaki Maika are known for their tag team called SPiCEAP. But at the same time, Maika is better known for his Rebel & Enemy unit with his opponent, Yukihi Maya. Maya will team up with Sumika Yanagawa, who belongs to JTO. Sumika has teamed up with various members such as 1111 (and Himekagura Misa, YuuRI), and teaming up with Maya gives Sumika a new essence.

The 4th match, Totoro Satsuki vs Hoshi Ibuki, will be a showdown between two of ICERIBBON's best power fighters. Since Tsukasa went on hiatus, Satsuki, who prides himself as the mainstay of ICERIBBON, must win here and follow Saori's path to the title of champion in order to achieve both in name and reality. However, it is possible that Ibuki has also improved after the Hokkaido tour.

Finally, the second match will feature Umino Tsukina's debut match. Tsukina originally learned wrestling at WAVE, but she quit once due to mental and physical reasons. You should pay attention to her fight as she aspires to wrestle again.

Today, ICERIBBON has a new human pattern that includes JTO, COLOR'S, and members of Rebel & Enemy. In particular, JTO members and ICERIBBON members are close in age and the time of their debut, so they have a strong affinity and sometimes seem to compete with each other as rivals and sometimes as peers. Here's what to see.