Marvelous:COSMIC ANGELS and COLOR'S are trying to collude in a place that is not STARDOM!?Is Unagi Sayaka and Amikura Rina colluding as a tag team?


COSMIC ANGELS and COLOR'S are trying to collude in a place that is not STARDOM.

Unagi Sayaka took to Twitter to share that she was happy to have Amikura Rina of COLOR'S and Oka Yukari of Seandai Girl's prowrestling on the second at Marvelous's Hakata show.

COLOR'S is a unit that Sayaka assessed at STARDOM and is affiliated with COSMIC ANGELS, to which she belongs. (Sayaka seems to think COLOR'S is his henchman.)

Rina revealed that they were nervous about Sayaka acting too freely at the opening event, but both declared they wanted to form tag teams. If it comes to fruition, this will be very interesting.

Rina has barely made it to STARDOM yet. Sayaka is banned. The story of two units that started with STARDOM is about to start in a different body. Also, the two are popular wrestlers that we see in so many organizations these days, and they also appear a lot on this blog.

Finally, Sayaka calls Rina Botamochi. Botamochi is glutinous rice wrapped in red bean paste. It is eaten in various parts of Japan. Anko is similar to adzuki beans in sweetness, and depending on the area and home, it can be pasted or left with large grains, very sweet or salty. In addition, glutinous rice that has been crushed to the point where grains remain is called "Hangoroshi" (half kill). When you crush them all, it's called "Minagoroshi" (kill them all). It's round and sweet, as if it's Rina, but it's probably half evil speaking.