Marvelous:Unagi Sayaka is angry against Marvelous!Iroha Takumi and other players not interested in tag champions?


Unagi Sayaka is angry against Marvelous.

Today's match against Nagashima Chikayo is a bet for the return of the Marvelous tag champion.

The match itself started when Unagi Sayaka questioned the fact that the tag team champion would not be returned despite the fact that his tag partner Iroha Takumi was unavailable due to injury.

However, Iroha Takumi made no mention of the match, only saying on Twitter about the recent press conference.

Unagi Sayaka is also upset with Marvelous players.

None of them have said anything about the tag champions not giving up, and they are heading into the AAAW single champion tournament.

She reveals that she will be king of both and that she doesn't have a tag partner.