Marverous:Maria wins Kadokura Rin and says she will break the rules of women's professional wrestling!!


Maria wins Kadokura Rin and says she will break the rules of women's professional wrestling!

In the main match of the Show after returning from a trip to the UK, Maria was tagged with Kawabata Riko and played with Kadokura Rin and Momono Mio.

Among the young players at Marverous, Kadokura Rin and Momono Mio have appeared in many other organizations, raising their reputation within the industry. On the other hand, you could say that Maria is a bit behind.

The fact that she beat Rin indicates that various rankings could change. After the match, she took to Twitter to break the rules of women's professional wrestling.

In the world of women's professional wrestling, it is important who belongs first. This issue has been pointed out in Marverous that the ranking does not change because of the emphasis on it.

Beyond that is Iroha Takumi. There are also a lot of experienced veteran players. However, she has gained experience from SEAdLINNNG and others, which has led to her confidence.

Today, in a show to celebrate the fourth anniversary of his debut, his team-mate Kawabata Riko will team up with Riko to play Umesaki Haruka (Deanna) and Kaiju Riko (SEAdLINNNG). This game also has very young and energetic players.

He will also be teaming up with legend Hotta Yumiko (Kawabata Riko's master) to play matches against his own masters Nagayo Chigusa and Kawabata Riko at the Korakuen of Marverous on December 4. It seems that the match of switching teachers for each other will be an opportunity to learn various things.

Marverous could be in for a big change ahead of the AAAW single champion tournament.