STARDOM:Natsu Sumire walked off alone.The war between OEDOTAI created a new flashpoint!


Natsu Sumire walked off alone.

In STARDOM IN SHOWCASE, Natsu faced a different OEDOTAI.

He left STARDOM in 2020 due to a shoulder injury and returned as a wrestler, but did not participate in STARDOM. Trouble with Toura Natsuko and Kashima Saki caused Sumire to tag along with Haduki for a match.

It will be a fierce battle with the current OEDOTAI, with Haduki entering with a sign representing the old OEDOTAI. The two sides never give an inch and the fight ends with no contest.

Toura said, "I'm moving forward with NOW OEDOTAI.". Haduki thanked Sumire for showing up at STRADOM. She said that OEDOTAI was a thing of the past and that she would like to go forward with Sumire, a new non-OEDOTAI.

But Sumire shoved her after giving her a hug.

「What are we now? Don't be silly.

Did you hear that? I don't care about OEDOTAI anymore

They told me I was living in memory.

I have no grudge against Haduki-chan

But I don't want to live in memories.

I joined STARDOM for the first time in two years.

I don't like Natsu Sumire of OEDOTAI or Natsu Sumire participating in STARDOM or existing with STARDOM.

I want to be myself, I want to get better as a freelancer.

So, I'm sorry.

Sorry, Haduki-chan.

Bye-bye to you here.」

she said through tears.

Backstage, Haduki said that if Sumire was going to join STARDOM alone, he would play a match and knock it down. It's not clear whether Sumire will be on STARDOM in the future. But I don't think the story of OEDOTAI, a unit with a long history, has been settled. The hands of the clock began to move again.