STARDOM:Ex-Oedotai Natsu Sumire is attacked by Tora Natsuko and Kashima Saki!! Fans speculate that Sumire is on the verge of returning to the STARDOM ring!

Natsu Sumire, a former member of the Oedo corps, may return to the ring at STARDOM.

STARDOM's official Youtube has been updated to show a video of Oedotai and Sumire encountering each other.

Tora Natsuko and Kashima Saki, leader and members of the Oedotai were called to Rossy Ogawa, the group's producer, and came to the bar, which was now a Natsu bar run by Sumire.

Natsu Sumire fades out of stardom without giving a reason, and the two wrestlers are furious when they see Natsu Sumire.

When they felt sick, they assaulted Sumire inside the bar and left Rossy's creek to have another drink with the two of them.

Sumire and Natsuko have since started swearing at each other on Twitter.

The pattern of the stardom formula producing such images often leads to their ongoing SHOWCASE, leading many fans to speculate that Sumire will be in the stardom ring again.

Sumire previously revealed that around 2020, he left the ring after suffering mental illness that coincided with his injury. She has since returned to the ring, hosting a show featuring freelance wrestlers called NOMADS '.