Marverous:Unagi has lost the holy Hanabira Daikaiten prize match!But this was the beginning of tag formation and shaming!!


Unagi has lost the holy Hanabira Daikaiten prize match. (Hanabira Daikaiten is a term used for a unique service performed in a shady shop, and it is difficult to understand what this rule is)

Unagi Sayaka played Nakajima Chikayo in a Show at Shinkiba on November 17. In this match, the rule was that Nakajima would give up the tag champion and the sales of Unagi merchandise on this day would be bet and the loser would lose.

The result is that Unagi is defeated and forfeits all the sales in the envelope, but here the meaning of the holy Hanabira Daikaiten prize match is revealed.

Sacred means Christmas, Hanabira Kaiten(Hanabira Kaiten literally translates to petal rotation) is not a dubious meaning, but Unagi Himawari, an old name for Unagi. Himawari is a sunflower and yellow. Nakajima teams up players in yellow costumes. In other words, he wants to be Nakajima's tag partner at the December 25 Show in Tochigi.

The moment Unagi knows that the sale of the stolen goods this time will pay for the match, it grants. But she told Nakajima she still wanted to play, and they both vowed to make it to the finals in the AAAW singles tournament. She also showed her eagerness to challenge Nakajima's tag champion in the future.

We can only admire Unagi for making this fight as exciting as possible by doing everything we can, including creating merchandise just for this occasion.