AJPW:Ishikawa will join Team 200 kg!! Play against Suwama & Seikigun at Korakuen on Dec 25!!


All Japan Pro Wrestling has revealed the attack of Team 200 kg.

At a show to be held at Korakuen Hall on December 25, it was announced to Suwama and Ozaki Mayumi & Yukihi Maya (Seikigun from OZ) that Ishikawa Shuji has been selected to partner with Hashimoto Chihiro & Yu, also known as Team 200 kg.

Suwama had declared union with Ozaki Mayumi & Yukihi Maya and had demanded that Ishikawa play against them in the Korakuen tournament. Accepting the offer, Ishikawa had previously announced that he would bring a powerful female wrestler whom I knew. The two were revealed as Hashimoto & Yuu, and as the team name suggests, two people weighing 200 kg combined for a giant.