Actwres Girl'Z:Matsui Misa presents a challenge to Mari!Beasts Liberion has a new companion! Legend MARU has announced the beginning of a new unit!


Matsui Misa presents a challenge to Mari!

The match between Aono Miku and Sumikawa Natsumi started with Misa's tough attitude. They fought a single match and then chose to fight together. But Misa surpassed it and beat Natsumi. After the match, she announced that she would challenge Mari on the December 16 Show.

A semi-final match, CHIAKI paired up with Arahata Nene and played with Akuto and Irie Ayano's Beasts Liberion. CHIAKI, who was whispered something by Akuto, did not help or made disturbing moves during the match. But what betrayed her was Nene! Nene has announced that she is joining Beasts Liberion.

After the main match, Beasts Liberion showed up and decided to play Natsumi, CHIAKI and Kouki in the December 16 Show.

But the Beasts Riberion isn't safe either. MARU, a legend, has formed a new unit. Declaring to go wild with Allen and Todoroki in tow. A collision with the Beasts Liberion would be unbreakable.