Marvelous:Unagi Sayaka borrowed money himself and bought 100 tickets! She's trying to sell to her fans herself!


Unagi Sayaka borrowed money herself and bought 100 tickets! She's trying to sell to her fans herself!

On November 27, Marvelous will perform a Show in Hakata City, Fukuoka Prefecture in southern Japan.

Unagi, who lost all her money to Nagashima Chikayo at the last Show, borrowed money from her sister and bought 100 tickets to this Show herself.

Today, she went to Hakata and declared on Twitter and YouTube that she would not return until she sold all these tickets.

Some shops wanted us to put up posters and advertise immediately, and others wanted us to hold events.

Hakata is the birthplace of Iroha Takumi, a top Marvelous player. But even though she doesn't play a match, she is depicted big on the poster. Unagi is angry about this.

Nishitetsu Hall, the venue, has a small capacity of about 470 people. So if Unagi just calls 100 people, a lot of people in the room are almost there to support Unagi.

Even Nagayo Chigusa and Chikayo could not hide their amazement at this dynamic. Nagayo appreciates Unagi's professional mind.

Will she ever make it back to Tokyo?