ICE RIBBON:Matsui Misa appears again at another company!One on one with Totoro Satsuki who doubts Actwres girl 'Z!!

Matsui Misa appears again at another company.

Actwres girl 'Z will appear on the ICE RIBBON Show on November 27, with Matsui Misa as well as Aono Miku and Irie Ayano.

Totoro Satsuki, who will play the match, has doubts about the current state of Actwres girl 'Z, so all eyes will be on how this match goes.

The relationship between ICE RIBBON and Actwres girl 'Z started when ICE RIBBON member Asahi appeared for Aono Miku at the recent Show and asked to fight.

Actwres girl 'Z took a different stance from other companies, stating that it was not professional wrestling but a stage using the expression of professional wrestling. This puzzled not only Satsuki but also many fans and people involved.

However, with the addition of Fuuka, known for her STARDOM, to Actwres girl 'Z, we can say that various circumstances are changing. The current state of divergence between what we were aiming for and what we were doing has been sorted out and closed doors reopened.

Misa had had the opportunity to compete in many other companies before. It seems to me that she has an extraordinary talent. I hope more people will see that talent.