WAVE:Ohka Yumi may not get the unit reunited.A reply that is too tangled may be shy.

Ohka Yumi may not get the unit reunited.

Ohka Yumi and Momono Mio form a unit called Boss Mummy. Mio, who has a short career, is the boss, and Yumi is Mommy. But the boss is bigger and swagger.

Mio's injury kept them out of the unit for a while. The unit has come back from injury, but Yumi has announced her marriage and is going on a break to get pregnant.

On Twitter, we've been counting down the days until we reunite the unit for days. But now that the show is over, can Yumi reunite with Mio? she asked, and Mio replied:

「I'll think about it.」

A reply that is too tangled may be shy. I hope the unit reunites the way Yumi wants it to.