JTO:The prominence was definitely carved into the Yamagata Yuu.A single match between Suzuki Suzu and Inaba Tomoka is almost final!?


The prominence was definitely carved into the Yamagata Yuu.

Yuu had condemned Prominence, who came to invade at the JTO show on November 4, as uneducated. She was teased for being old.

But for the November 29 show, she teamed up with Inaba Tomoka and wrestled Suzuki Suzuki and Fujita Akane. As a result, Tomoka lost the German Suplex.

Yuu took to Twitter to say that it's been a long time since he's been interested in anything but JTO female wrestlers.

She is a veteran wrestler from K-DOJO and is known to be a wrestler with great technique.

JTO owner TAKA Michinoku also appreciates Suzu's potential. A single match with Tomoka was promised.