Actwres Girl'Z:The members of Miss Actwres Girl'Z are furious!Youtube has been updated to announce that new members have joined BE∀STZ REBELLION!!

The members of Miss Actwres Girl'Z are furious.

Youtube has been updated to announce that new members have joined BE∀STZ REBELLION. However, members who have made other moves have expressed anger when they have not been introduced. Fuuka politely responds that it's in the works.

At the end of the video, a card for December 16 is also announced.

5th Trios match
Sumikawa Natsumi,CHIAKI,Kouki vs Akuto Irie Ayano,Arahata Nene

4th Single match
Aono miku vs Iwai Kyouka

3rd Tag match
Mari,Naru vs Matsui Misa,Yamada Naho

2nd Single match
Mii vs Gotou Tomoka

1st Single match
Shiduki Nagisa vs Mizushima Sakura

The main match was a shocking development in which CHIAKI, who was thought to have joined BE A GOOD STZ REBELLION in the previous show, was betrayed and Nene joined. CHIAKI gets Natsumi and Kouki's help.

What we need to focus on is the third match. Naru, who played a single match with his master Mari, will tag along. The opponents are Misa and Naho, who are also starting to become a team. Misa attended the ice ribbon show, at which time she questioned whether Mari was not a professional wrestler and not Actwres Girl'Z. Misa declined to mention it, but has leaked on Twitter that there are a lot of things going on. I wonder if this passing will collide on the ring.

There are various opinions about Actwres Girl'Z calling herself not a professional wrestler. They are certainly actresses, and playing a role does not inhibit their emotion. Because of course there is such an aspect to professional wrestling. (Like Muskman and Iger, for example.) It may also be true that playing professional wrestling is a hurdle to getting involved. But I don't think changing the name solves that.