WAVE:Wow, in the end, it's a decision that Sera Risa is to blame!Who do you think is to blame in the first place?


Wow, in the end, it's a decision that Sera Risa is to blame.

The beginning of the case dates back to November 15.

Risa wrestled Saki and Shimizu Hikari in a tag match, but during the match, Kohaku's suitcase was brought into the ring and destroyed. (Sure, Miyazaki Yuki (Kohaku's senpai) took it to the ring, but Risa broke it.)

Later, Risa apologized to an angry Kohaku on Twitter, but hinted at a hardcore match on the 20th.

It was a WAVE show on November 20, where a hardcore match was played and various items were brought in for wrestling.

Risa destroyed Amikura Rina's carry case. Just before that, however, there was a lot of speculation because Kohaku's carry case was on the ring. There was also suspicion that Kohaku had offered Rina's carry case as a substitute, but Kohaku denies this.(Did Kohaku actually take her place?)

However, Risa claimed on Twitter that Kohaku offered it to her.

This controversy is still heating up.

Yuki wrestled Fujita Akane (a unit member of Risa) at the Prominence show on November 27.

While fighting outside the ring, Yuki tried to use Risa's carry case as a weapon, but Risa regained it. Yuki and Akane brought out their own carry cases to fight, and the venue was lively.

This led to Risa being appointed as a woman who wants to break someone else's carry case but not her own.

The trial continues all the way to the radio, where Akane made the broadcast, leading to arguments in the first place. Again, Risa argued that Yuki was bad in the first place. But it was Risa who broke it.

Unapologetically, Risa pressed Kohaku why he (and the carry case) had not come on the 27th. In addition, Kohaku is convinced that he only sees carry cases, not himself.

Who do you think is to blame in the first place?